Experience the art of coffee

SCULPTOR is a state-of-the-art electric coffee grinder that lets you enjoy barista-quality, freshly ground coffee at home.
With a unique design path, Sculptor is the next generation of TIMEMORE Electric Coffee Grinder, featuring top quality turbo/flat bars and a unique cleaning mechanism to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. Please check Kickstarter for details.

Enjoy hand-grinding

TIMEMORE ESP coffee mill is a multi-functional manual coffee mill. Hand drip coffee and espresso are also perfect! E&B's patented stainless steel mortar blade uses secondary cutting to achieve higher precision and efficiency, resulting in even coarse and fine grinding of beans and stable grain size. You can make your favorite coffee at home anytime.

Coffee requires precision

If you're looking for an accurate, responsive, and reliable coffee scale for brewing coffee, TIMEMORE Black Mirror+ is a great choice. TIMEMORE Black Mirror+ not only has a sophisticated design but also strong functionality, making it perfect for coffee lovers.