More coffee time


Our design is based on professionalism, aesthetics, ease of use, and integrity.
In this fast-paced world, we are helping people pursue the ritual feeling of slow living through coffee equipment.

Research, development, manufacturing

Timemore has established an R&D team in Shanghai.
It is a manufacturing center in Guangdong province and also owns a complete production supply chain system.
Built with unique craftsmanship,
Timemore products are the epitome of precision and superior quality.


James Zhan

operations director

Company-wide operations and e-commerce with extensive experience in e-commerce platforms.

Yu Yue

design director

He has seven years of industrial design experience and is a two-time Red Dot Award winner. Master of industrial design. CRREATIVE, worked at ZTE.
In charge of industrial design and visuals

JiuShu Chen

Director of Research and Development

Experienced in making coffee equipment.
We have abundant supplier resources. Responsible for supply chain and production management.

Customization service

We are OEM for many international brands and famous big companies in China.
We do co-branded products, customized products, sets and customizations, and get great customer reviews.
(This service assumes possession of TIMEMORE brand information)

Partnership with Starbucks

Maintaining long-term product cooperation with Starbucks, in 2017, as the only brand from mainland China regarding specialty coffee equipment, it was exhibited at the world's largest Shanghai Roastery flagship store.
From product quality to supply chain, we meet Starbucks' rigorous inspection processes and high requirements.