TIMEMORE Timemore C2 Coffee Mill (Black / White)

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[Product specifications]

Color: Black (diamond pattern), white (matte)

Body size: width 52 mm x height 147 mm

Handle length: 159mm

Capacity: Coffee powder about 20g

Body weight: Approximately 430g

Material: mortar: stainless steel

Body: Aluminum alloy 6063

Handle spring: Aluminum alloy 6063

Handle knob, lid, roughness adjustment knob: Resin

Package contents: Body x1, brush x1, storage bag x1, instruction manual / warranty x1.

Aluminum is used for the body, and the surface is processed with a diamond pattern, making it easy to grip. It is a mill with a very high texture that has a sense of weight and luxury.

The shape, size, and material (stainless steel) of the blade used by C2 are the same as those of other high-end models of Timemore, and their functions are not inferior. We have reduced the price by omitting excessive functions and materials and leaving the parts that should be left (sharpness). It has the best cost performance of any Timemore coffee mill.

The 55-58HRC hardness mortar blade in 5-axis high precision CNC cutting guarantees a uniform grind. The generation of fine powder is also minimized. The high quality grind allows you to extract the characteristics of coffee beans in a well-balanced and complete manner.

Stainless steel mortars are more durable than ceramic mortars because they are harder in material. And, by combining the sharp stainless steel, handle, and body with more friction than diamond pattern processing, labor saving has also been realized.

You can adjust the grain size in 36 steps by clicking the dial, and you can enjoy hand drip, French press, espresso, etc. respectively. (However, the particle size for espresso takes time.)